Board of Directors

Bob Carmen

Scott Reiner

Ricardo Graham


Max Torkelsen II

Vice Chair

Larry Caviness

Chip Dickinson

Ruthita Fike

Christine Friestad, Esq.

Melody Gabriel

Larry Innocent

Helmuth Jones, MD

Bill Wing

Wes Rippey, MD

Al Reimche

Senior Management

Bob Carmen

President & Chief Executive Officer

Scott Reiner

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Douglas Rebok

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mark Ashlock

Senior Vice President, Network & Physician Strategy; President, Adventist Health Physicians Network

Bill Wing

Senior Vice President, System Performance & Strategy

John Beaman

Vice President, Finance

Wayne Ferch

Vice President, Central California; President & Chief Executive Officer, Central Valley Network

Jeff Eller

President & Chief Executive Officer, Northern California Region

JoAline Olson

Vice President, Innovations; Interim Chief Human Resources Officer

Rodney Wehtje

Vice President & Treasurer

Jack Wagner

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer As of April 2014

Beth Zachary

Vice President; President, Southern California Network

Joyce Newmyer

President & Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Northwest Region

Senior Leadership

Gloria Bancarz, RN, MS

Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer

Robert Beehler

Vice President, Market Development/Mergers & Acquisitions

Stan Berry

Vice President & CEO of Home Care Services

Lowell Church

Vice President, Materiel Management

Jeffrey Conklin

Vice President, Payer & Network Strategies President & CEO, Adventist Health/ Managed Care

Keith Doram, MD

Vice President & Chief Medical Officer

Dan Gordon

Vice President, Revenue Management

John Gustin

Vice President, Facilities & Constructiont

Dag Jakobsen

Vice President & COO, Physician Services

Meredith Jobe, Esq.

Vice President & General Counsel

Rob Marchuk

Vice President, Ancillary Services

Kirby McKague

Vice President & CFO, Physician Services

David Ormerod, MD

Vice President & CMO, Physician Services

Leeanne Patterson

Vice President, Risk Management

Alan Soderblom

Vice President & Chief Information Officer

Kathleen Wilson

Vice President,Benefits Administration